For a healthier you!

Written by Paula Mee – Nutrtion Consultant

Indian food is good for you

Nisheeth and his team at Rasam eat Indian food everyday and manage to stay in pretty good shape! That’s because he is meticulous about his kitchen deliveries, the quality of the fresh meat and vegetables he uses and the standards of his chefs and their cooking practices.

What is of particular interest to me is the nutritional attributes of Indian spices. Garlic, onions and tomatoes form the basis of many Indian dishes and along with these spices, could largely be responsible for the health benefits associated with Indian Food.

Rasam opens it’s doors at 5.30pm, yet from noon onwards the  kitchen is a hive of activity, with chefs preparing the spices for dishes that can take a considerable length of time to cook. They are dry roasted in a hot pan and add the most incredible flavour, texture, heat and colour to Rasam dishes that evening. The roasting helps to release the spice’s real ‘personality’ –their aromas, essential oils and health benefits. If you ask Nisheeth nicely you can even purchase some of these freshly ground spices in vacuum packs for your own use at home!

Together, these spices create the flavour, harmony and texture that define Rasam’s dishes. And they not only capture and stimulate the senses, they provide a suite of health benefits, outlined below, that give real meaning to the phrase “ you are what you eat”.

I’m very grateful for the considerate introduction Nisheeth and his chefs gave me to Indian Food. The Rasam story is a truly great adventure and an inspiration to those who appreciate the qualities and value of really good food.

The special care and attention that Nisheeth and his chefs employ in choosing quality ingredients is clearly evident in his kitchen and food.

Nisheeth’s commitment to his customers extends to ;

  • Sourcing vegetables daily from a local supplier
  • Sourcing only the very best quality Irish meat      and fish
  • Cooking without the use of preservatives or ready      made pastes
  • Only using fresh, not tinned tomatoes
  • Moving away from heavy sauces and introducing      lighter sauces more frequently on the menu
  • Using less salt and grinding fresh spices instead      for flavour
  • Making marinades for fish and meat to order at 2      hours notice

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Rasam, Award Winning Indian Restaurant
Rasam, Award Winning Indian Restaurant
Read the Rasam Blog