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IMG_5668About Indian Food

For many years Indian food has been misunderstood in the Western World, because of the many balti houses and curry shops purporting to serve Indian cuisine.  Often the dishes served at these restaurants bear no resemblance to the food actually enjoyed in India – but at Rasam we are committed to serving top-class authentic Indian cuisine.  A list of India’s national dishes could easily run to thousands, as our country is a collage of different regions, cultures and traditions. Each region has its own unique climate which influences the local cuisine, and at Rasam we regionalise all of our menu choices so that guests can get a feel for the origins of the dishes.


032IMG_4747Indian Street Food

The Indian culinary experience has been diversified and modified due to waves of migration, climate and local popular tastes.  As a result, Indian food in general, and street food in particular, draws inspiration from many sources and is a combination of happy accidents and seized opportunities enjoyed by rich and poor alike.  Indian street food features remarkable innovation and adaptation to changing times.  Some examples of Indian street food served at Rasam include Aloo Tikki from the Awadh region, Pork Chatpata and Tawa Prawns.  To view our complete menu, click here…


IMG_5646Vegetarian Indian Food

The people of India love to please the palate and scintillate the senses with vegetarian food made special by the magical power of spices.  The choice of spices and seasonings is dictated by the regional culinary attitudes and cooking traditions handed down through generations. Each day at Rasam we blend, roast and grind our own spices to provide the rich, aromatic flavours unique to our vegetarian Indian food.  Try our spinach dumplings or Shakahari Thali for a variety of tastes.   For a full list of our vegetarian and vegan dishes, visit here…


IMG_5696Cooking Indian Food

We blend, roast and grind our own spices daily to provide a flavour that is unique to Rasam.  Cooking Indian food is founded upon long held family traditions.  The secret is in the varying elements of heat and spices, the tandoor clay oven is a hugely important fixture in our kitchen.  Marinated meats are lowered into the oven on long metal skewers and cooked in this smoky and extremely hot environment.  Making Naan bread in a tandoor is a skill that not only requires a deft hand but also some tolerance to high temperatures, though the resulting bread – a little crisp on the outside but soft in the centre – is well worth the effort.  The secret of the tandoor is that heat can only escape through the top; the direct heat of the fire is reflected by the thick ceramic sides creating a cooking environment that reaches 480°C (900°F).  The combination of direct heat from smouldering embers at the bottom and ambient heat radiated by the clay walls ensures meat cooks quickly and retains its natural moisture inside, producing the distinctive and succulent results which characterise Indian tandoori food.


092IMG_8371Healthy Indian Food

Research now places a great deal of store on the properties of healthy Indian food.  Our age-old cooking traditions derive from early Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism that date back to around 500 BC, dishes tested and enjoyed over the centuries have been shown to be nutritionally balanced.  The medicinal properties of grains, beans, vegetables and spices required at different times of the day, different seasons of the year and at different periods of one’s life have been carefully considered in healthy Indian food recipes.  Ancient texts such as those expounding the theories of Ayurveda to keep the body, mind and soul in balance are a fundamental part of every Indian person’s cultural makeup, and have a profound influence on everyday cooking all over the subcontinent.  At Rasam we strive daily to provide the ultimate Indian food restaurant experience calling upon all our native knowledge of grains, beans, vegetables and spices.

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Rasam, Award Winning Indian Restaurant
Rasam, Award Winning Indian Restaurant
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