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We are now open from Tuesday to Sunday for takeaways orders from 4pm to 9pm.  We are closed on Mondays

We would like to thank all our loyal customers, who are supporting Rasam at these difficult times.

If you call, email (please include your phone number) or pop in, we are happy to take your order and will drop it down to your car, when you arrive if you prefer

Please bear in mind that because every dish is freshly prepared, at peak times it can take up to an hour before the order is ready. Advance order by email  (please include your phone number & preferred time of collection), can help reduce the delivery time, but please place the email orders before 5 pm.  We will ring you after 4pm to take credit card payment. 

After 5pm please phone in your order, but bear in mind phone lines are very busy so it’s advisable to email your order in before 5pm if possible

Just email info@rasam.ie or call us on 01 2300 600

Please note we are unable to provide Thali, Scallops, lamb chops, magic mushrooms and off the menu items for takeaways

We offer a 20% discount on orders for collection



Mumbai Chaat – Maharashtra  €7.95

A must-eat street food of India with sweet Yoghurt, Sev, Potato Galette & spiced Chickpeas.

Palak Patta  – Karnataka €7.95

A delightful appetiser of crispy Baby Spinach, sweet Yoghurt, Tamarind & Sev.

Pork Chilli Fry – Assam €8.95

Tender pieces of battered Pork tossed with Onion Seeds & Sweet Chilli Jam.

Trio Chicken Tikka- North India €10.50

Three individually flavoured Tandoori grilled Chicken Tikka with Chilli & Garlic, Mustard & Turmeric, Rose Petal & Cream Cheese sprinkled with Saffron flavoured Ghee.

Duck Roll – Kerala €10.95

Muscovy Duck flavoured with Star Anise, Figs & Tamarind – wrapped in light Filo pastry.

Calamari – Coastal India €9.50

Succulent Squid, coated in a crispy Semolina crust & Gooseberry Chutney.

Karwari Jhinga – Coastal India €11.50

A delicious combination of Tiger Prawns, Curry Leaves, Avocado & Mango Curry Leaf Chutney.

Malai Jhinga – Mumbai €16.50

Pan-seared Indian Ocean Jumbo Prawns flavoured with Mace, Green Cardamom & Cream Cheese, complimented with Mint, Avocado & Greens.


Savour a selection of Rasam’s most loved starters: duck roll, murgh malai tikka, pork chilli fry, aloo tikki & karwari jhinga.

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Beetroot Chicken – North India €19.95

Fresh Beetroot & Tomato flavoured Chicken with dry Pomegranate Seeds and Coriander Leaves.

Chettinad Chicken – Tamil Nadu €19.95

Classic Chicken Curry from South India flavoured with Curry Leaves, Stone Flower & Fennel.

Old Delhi Butter Chicken – Punjab €20.50

Char-grilled Chicken in an exotic fresh Tomato sauce with Fenugreek & Butter, delicately blended to give a uniquely full-flavoured dish.

Lal Maas – Rajasthan €21.95

6-Hour slow-cooked Lamb on the bone, home ground spices & Rajasthani Chilli. Served boneless.

Dum Pukht Gosht – Lucknow €22.50

Classically slow-cooked Lamb, Yoghurt infused with our unique blend of spices that gradually reveal their seductive flavours. Rasam’s Signature Dish

Barrah Nalli – North West of India €22.50

Tandoori Lamb Shank marinated in fried Onion, Clove & Yoghurt, cooked slowly to release the flavours. Served dry.

Mango Prawn – Kerala €21.95

Tiger Prawns in a sweet & tangy Mango Sauce, tempered with Curry Leaves & Coconut Milk. An all-time favourite.

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Palak Kofta – Lucknow €16.50

Spinach Dumplings stuffed with Raisins & served in a creamy Tomato and Garlic sauce.

Mix Vegetable Curry – North India €15.95

Seasonal Vegetables with Tomato & crushed Coriander Seeds.

Lasooni Saag Paneer – Old Delhi €15.95

Cottage Cheese cooked with Spinach, Tomato, Fenugreek, fresh Chilli & Garlic.

Aloo Baingan Achari – All Indian Homes €15.95

Aubergine & Potatoes stir-fried with dry Mango, Green Chillies, Onion, fresh Tomatoes & Panch Phoron.

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Zucchini Chana Dal – Rajasthan €5.95

Horse Gram Lentils cooked with Zucchini & tempered with Cumin, Tomato & Onion.

Chonka Patta – South India €6.95

Fresh Purple Savoy Cabbage, Broccoli, Asparagus & Bok Choy, tempered with Coriander Seeds & Curry Leaves.

Gobhi Matar – All Indian Homes €5.95

Cauliflower Florets & Green Peas seasoned with Ginger, Cumin, Green Chillies & fresh Tomatoes.

Aloo Podimas – South India €5.95

Stir-fried Potatoes with Asafoetida, Turmeric, Cumin, fresh Coriander Leaves & Lime.

Kairi Bhindi – North India €5.95

Stir-fried Okra, Onion, Tomato & Cumin.

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Roti – All Indian Homes €2.50

Traditional Indian unleavened Flatbread made from Whole Wheat Flour.

Plain Naan – Punjab €2.50

All Naan Breads are leavened & made with fermented Wheat.

Garlic, Onion & Coriander Naan – Rajasthan €3.95

Tulsi & Kalonji Naan – Delhi €3.95

Naan flavoured with Indian Basil & Onion Seeds.

Peshawari Naan – Peshawar €3.95

Naan filled with roasted Coconut, Almonds & Raisins.

Pudina Naan – Punjab €2.95

Naan flavoured with a special blend of Rasam spices & dry Mint.

Cheese Chilli Naan – Delhi €3.95

Naan filled with Cheddar Cheese & Green Chillies.

Steamed Basmati Rice – A Favourite of Indian Homes €3.25

High quality Basmati Rice (Low GI), steamed to perfection.

Pulao Rice – Delhi €3.50

High quality Basmati Rice (Low GI), cooked with Cinnamon, Bay Leaves, Black Cardamom, Fried Onion & Clarified Butter.

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Unfortunately desserts are not available for takeaway


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Rasam, Award Winning Indian Restaurant
Rasam, Award Winning Indian Restaurant
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