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Our spices and flavours are sourced from all over India.  The chefs at Rasam hail from North East, North West and Central India.  Each member of the team brings their personal heritage to play in the daily mixing, roasting and grinding of spices.

The spices we use include the following:

Indian Common Name*English NameComments
Aamchur/Amchoor powderSour mango powerGives fish curries tartness
Adrak GingerUsed as a fresh ingredient and also in dried powder form; see "Sonth"
AjmudCelery / radhuni seed
AjwainCarom/thyme seed
Amla Indian gooseberry
Rasam Spices: pomegranate-seeds
Pomegranate seedDried rather than fresh, and ground in the Middle East
Assorted Roots
Rasam Spices:spices boiling 206x160
Assorted Roots(vetiver, betal nut root, ratanjot and rose petals for Dum ka Gosht (Rasam signature dish )
Badi ElaichiBlack CardmamomNot to be confused with green cardamom, the earthy and darkly aromatic black cardamom is a common spice in biryani. This spice is also used as antidote for snake and scorpion bites, but try it at your own risk(!). Black cardamom eases digestive problems and reduces flatulence, and can relieve throat problems, chest congestion, asthma and gum infections
Bazil / BasilFresh basil
Chakra Phool
Rasam Spices: Star Anise
Star AniseProvides exotic, Chinese-influenced flavours
ChironjiCharolia type of nut particularly used in making desserts
Choti ElaichiGreen CardamomThe Malabar variety is native to Kerala
Chrysopogon zizanioides or Khus
Rasam Spices: Dried-vetiver-roots-206x160
Dried vetiver rootsA perennial grass of the Poaceae family, native to India. In western and northern India, it is popularly known as khus. It is used as a flavoring agent, usually through khus syrup. Khus syrup is made by adding khus essence to sugar, water and citric acid syrup. Khus Essence is a dark green thick syrup made from the roots of khus grass(vetiver grass). It has a woodsy taste and a scent prominent to khus. Rasam use this spice in lamb dishes served in the restaurant.
Rasam Spices: cinnamon-sticks
CinnamonThis spice is aromatic and has a refreshing taste: it can be added to curries, pulao and even desserts. Research shows this woody spice is also diabetes-friendly and can reduce symptoms of insulin resistance. Additionally, cinnamon can give relief from indigestion, common cold, diarrhea, poor blood circulation and menstrual tension
Rasam Spices: cloves
ClovesDue to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, cloves are commonly used to treat dental problems, and are an important ingredient in natural toothpastes. Cloves can also relieve vomiting, indigestion, an upset digestive tract and loose motions
Rasam Spices: coconut-206x160
CoconutCoconut is highly nutritious and rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals. It is classified as a "functional food" because it provides many health benefits beyond its nutritional content. Coconut oil is of special interest because it possesses healing properties far beyond that of any other dietary oil and is extensively used in traditional medicine among Asian and Pacific populations
CuminCuminTempered cumin (Jeera) provides the flavour that dhal needs, and indeed many Indian dishes are incomplete without cumin. Cumin is known to help with digestive problems, reduce chances of anaemia and alleviate the common cold. Surprisingly Jeera can reduce the problem of piles, serve as a laxative and provide the body with iron, as well as manganese that helps in the absorption of calcium and control of blood pressure
DalchiniCinnamonGrown commercially in Kerala in southern India. Two types, cassia (common) and royal.
Dhania/hara dhaniyaCoriander Seed
Dhania powder/ Pisa DhaniaCoriander powder
Dried Red Chilli
Rasam Spices: whole dry red chilli 206x160
Whole dried red chilliAvailable in different forms Health Benefits : • Helps in burning calories • Provides resistance to various diseases • Stimulates appetite • Clears lungs
Garam masala/Kadha Masala
Rasam Spices: Garam-Masala-206x160
Spice MixtureIt is added to some dishes along with other spices to enhance their flavor and aroma. While the basic ingredients used are the same, each chef has their own proportions so that the end result will often differ. The better the quality of the ingredients, the tastier the garam masala and the resulting dish in which it is used.
Gulab JalRose WaterCommonly used to flavour desserts in India
GurJaggery (unrefined sugar)Made from the sap of the sugarcane or date palm
Rasam Spices: Turmeric-206x160.jpg
TurmericSource of yellow colour in many curries with an earthy, dusty flavour. Turmeric is used to flavour and colour foodstuffs. It is used in the preparation of medicinal oils & ointments and poultice. The health benefits of Turmeric are many, at Rasam we have used fresh turmeric from the outset in our cooking
Rasam Spices: Juniper berries206x160
Juniper BerriesThey have a wonderfully piney taste - most like rosemary if you looking for a comparison - but more resinous and with citrus overtones. They are the key flavouring in gin. The berries aren't actually berries, instead they're the tiny cones of the juniper bush - a relative of the popular landscaping shrub. However, note that not all juniper berries are edible, so hesitate before pulling berries off a bush.
Hara dhaniyafresh corianderFresh green leaves, also known as cilantro
Harad / himeTerminalia chebula
Hari MirchGreen Chilli Peppar
HingAsafoetidaIntensely bitter - related to truffle and garlic
ImliTamarindProvides tartness in South Indian curries and chutneys
Indian Yellow Chilli Powder
Rasam Spices: Indian-yellow-chilli-powder-206x160
Indian Yellow Chilli PowderThis chilli is not widely available even in India, we are proud to have this rare breed among our Rasam spices!! This powder is processed using sophisticated methodologies for enhancing the quality of masala. Yellow Chilli Powder is widely appreciated for its remarkable aroma and rich taste.......
JaiphalNutmegWhole nuts last forever; powder only a month. Like cloves, nutmeg has anti-bacterial properties and helps fight tooth decay. Nutmeg can reduce flatulence and improve appetite, ease muscular tension and even fight Alzheimer's and improve memory
Rasam Spices: Nutmeg-Mace
MaceMade from the outer covering of the nutmeg nut, with a similar aroma
Jeera cumin seedSee Kali Jeera.
Jeera GoliCumin Seed grounded into balls
JethimadhLiquorice powder
KachraCapersalso known as Kabra, Karer in Hindi
Rasam Spices: Kachri206x160
Powdered Indian caperKachri is a wild variety of cucumbers. Fresh kachri resembles a brown yellow small melon, which grows wildly in the desert areas and is seldom cultivated as a crop. Dried kachri powder, when used in cooking, adds a tangy taste. Since fresh kachri is rarely available outside Rajasthan, the use of kachri powder is popular. It is the real earth food … growing wild, and becoming a protein rich vegetable for people living in the harsh arid areas of Western India, where it is hard to grow conventional vegetables. Kachri powder is used extensively in Rajasthani cuisine. Health benefits : • It has a triple benefit of being a coolant, tonic & stimulant.
KadipattaCurry tree or sweet neem leafCannot retain flavor when dried. Only use fresh.
Kajucashew nut
Kala Namak / Sanchal
Rasam Spices: blacksalt-206x160
Black saltSodium chloride provides kala namak with its salty taste, iron sulphide provides its dark violet hue, and all the sulphur compounds give kala namak its slight savoury taste as well as a highly distinctive smell. A hugly propular condiment in India, used in many dishes
Kala ZeeraBlack cuminSweet, floral and smoky cumin and anise-like flavor
Kali ElaichiBlack cardamomEarthy, much used in North Indian curries.
Kali Mirch;peppercorns
Kali MirchiBlack pepperProduced in huge quantities in the southern Indian state of Kerala, black pepper was once considered a precious commodity for trade. Black pepper has the ability to increase the production of hydrochloric acid that the stomach needs to help in digestion, while combating flatulence, constipation and high blood pressure. It is also anti - bacterial in nature, and contains iron .
KalonjiNigella seed
Kasoori Methi Driedfenugreek leaf
Katira Goondgum tragacanthA thickener and coating for desserts
Kebab CheeniAll spiceA mix of clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and bayleaf
Kesar, mayurSaffronThe world's most expensive spice, usually used for flavoring for rice. Kashmir is synonymous with the production of the best quality of saffron in India. This ingredient adds colour and spice to briyani and desserts. Saffron is expensive but its health benefits are priceless – it has the ability to treat depression, prevent loss of vision, improve memory and relieve digestive issues
Kesar mari mariSaffron pulpActually, safflower concentrate
Khus Khuspoppy seed
KokumGarcinia indica
KudampuliGarcinia gummi-guttaCommonly used in the fish recipes of Kerala
Lal MirchiRed chilio peppar
LavangClovesAndhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are largest producers in India
Methi leavesfenugreek leaf
Methi seedsfenugreek seeds
Rasam Spices:Indian liquorice root260x160
Indian Liquorice RootMulethi is an ancient herb. It has a distinctive sweet flavour which makes it a preference over sugar in making candies. It has medicinal uses in Indian Ayurveda herbal medicines. It is considered good for the liver and for a cough.
Naaga Kesharcinnamon buds
Paan Ki Jad
Rasam Spices:Paan-ki-jad206x160
A fragrant sweet tasting root of an evergreen creeping tree that produces heart shaped glossy leaves. It is widely cultivated in coastal areas primarily of India, Bangladesh and South East Asia. Leaves are eaten after dinner. At Rasam, we use only the root to extract its earthy fragrance
Panch PhoronPanch PhoronA Bengali spice mix that combines aniseed, cumin, fenugreek, mustard and nigella: also known as black stone flower
Pathar Ke Phool
Rasam Spices:Pathar-Ke-Phool-Kalpasi
Peeli MirchiYellow Peppar
Rasam Spices:Long  pepper 206x160
Long PepparLong pepper has suffered a general absence from the modern culinary world which is something of a culinary injustice, we are thrilled to correct this oversight at Rasam. Its flavour is much more complex than black pepper, reminiscent of spice blends like garam masala more than a single spice. It possesses black pepper's heat and musk, but in a less harsh, more nuanced way, tempered by sweet notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom. Its finish lingers on the tongue with a tobacco-like coolness; where black pepper stings, long pepper balms
Pyaz / KandaOnion
Rai'brown mustard seed
Ratin jotRatin jot
Rose Petals
Rasam Spices:Rose Petals 206x160
Rose PetalsCultivated throughout India, Rose petals are rejuvenating and proven to be a tonic for internal asthma, high blood pressure, bronchitis & slow circulation.
Safed MirchiWhite pepper
Saji na phoolCitric Acid
SarsonMustard seed
Sarson TelMustard Oilshorsher tel
Saunf/Sanchalfennel - seed
Shimla MirchCapsicum
Rasam Spices:rock-salt-206x160.jpg
Rock SaltAccording to Ayurveda organic rock salt is healthiest - it is known to be cooling, anti- acidic, anti-bilious, anti-phlegmatic, carminative and digestive
Soa sagdill
Sonthdried gingerUsually powdered
Suwa or ShopaAniseed
Syah JeeraBlack CuminSmaller in size than regular cumin, and easily mistaken for Caraway seed. Though the English translation is Black Cumin, the same term is also used as the English translation of Nigella sativa, kalonji
Tej PattaMalabathrum, Bay leafBoth Malabathrum and Bay Leaf are similar and called Tej Patta in Hindi, though they are from two different families and have different flavours
TilSesame seed
Tulsiholy basil
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